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Cwrw Cwm Gwaun Tasting Notes

Farmhouse Ale

4.0% Abv

A malty ale with a smooth, balanced character, made with only English hops

Light Ale 4.0% Abv

A golden ale, refreshing and easy drinking, with delightful citrus undertones and a clean finish. A perfect Summer Ale

St Davids Special

4.0% Abv

A light, fruity beer with a refreshingly citrus flavour

Golden Bitter Ale

4.0% Abv

A smooth bitter ale with a strong hoppy flavour and a crisp finish

Pembrokeshire Best Bitter 4.5% Abv

A full-flavoured, malty bitter ale with a delightfully hoppy finish

Valley Brew

4.1% Abv

A double-hopped bitter ale with a fine mellow taste and a balanced sweetness

King of the Road

4.5% Abv

A full-bodied, smooth classic light chestnut ale with a satisfying,

well-balanced finish.

Blodwen 4.3% Abv

A creamy full bodied bitter, ruby red in colour with a hint of caramel

Hops, Barley, Yeast and Pure Spring Water are the wholesome ingredients traditionally brewed to make the Perfect Pint

Calon Lan  4.5% Abv

A rich malty porter with a medium body and a bittersweet after taste.

Seasonal - Winter only

Cascade 4.3% Abv

This is a light hoppy ale using mainly Cascade hops giving it a distinctive flavour.


The Brewery is currently under new management and not all of the ales

may be in stock.

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